Seca Products
-Laundry machinery
-Boilers (Steam/Hot water)               
-Garment Machinery
-Ventilation air cooling
-Industrial Dehumidification
-Industrial solar water heaters.






-Textile Chemicals
- jeans Stone Wash
- Washing linen
Laundry machinery covering  the full range of equipments for wet
and dry clean process.
Boilers (steam & hot water) using natural gaz or oil no 2, thermal
oil , a wide range of capacities.
Garment machinery any assisting machine requested to manufacture garments beside sewing.
Ventilation and air cooling equipments for a better productivity of labor during the hot season.
Dehumidification equipment to prevent corrosion and mould growth in number of process industries.
Solar equipments to produce hot water for hotels / hospitals / industries/ buildings.
Textile Chemicals for preparation/bleaching/dyeing/finishing/thread lubricants/wrinkle free
Jeans stone wash chemicals for desizing/abrasion/clean up/softning/pumice stones.
Washing linen detergents/emulsifiers/sours/bleach/softening/spot removals of various nature.


Seca Customers
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals
  • Garment manufacturers
  • All Industries
  • Textile dyers & finishers
  • Army & Collectivities
  • Laundry shops
  • Hotels of highest international standards, touristic villages and Nile cruises.
  • Public and private hospitals of large capacities are our dearest customer.
  •  Garment factories producing best fashion in Egypt are made with Seca machinery and chemicals.
  •   All industries that may request air cooling boilers / laundries.
  • Textile preparation is an art and we are proud to serve this industry with our products.
  • Army/collectivities any organization using uniforms/table linen /bed sheets need our equipments.   
We are a team of 40 people specilized in each activity. After sales service is handled by engineers and technicians who were trained abroad at the supplier's factories.
We Keep in stock the largest possible spare-parts varity.
Our show-room and work-shop are in the same building of our office at the ground level

We hope that we will have the pleasure of your visit any time


Looking forward to the pleasure of serving you.
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